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As the gospel of the kingdom is being preached in the entire world, and new believers are catching the vision of fulfilling Christ’s command to make disciples in all nations, we are called to present an evangelism which transcends class, religion, ethnicity, sex and makes salvation available to “all who believe and receive Jesus Christ”.

The Center of Evangelism for All Nations (CefaN, inc.) currently has 46 satellite churches located throughout several counties in Africa and Europe. At CefaN, we believe in proclaiming the good news of the Kingdom of God and helping his people respond to the calling of the Great Commission given by our Lord Jesus Christ.
The Great Commission of Jesus Christ, urges us to go around the world preaching God’s Word and make disciples of all nations. Our world mission compels us to understand an embrace the multicultural redemptive word of Jesus Christ on the cross, in order to better experience and promote a multicultural and cross cultural evangelism.

Thus, our mission is go around the world, reaching out to people of different cultures with the clear message of the gospel of Jesus, proclaiming it joyfully, sharing its life with others and serving them by being racially, religiously and culturally inclusive.

Our world mission forces us to see evangelism as going beyond “churching people”, but rather to help new believers around the world find a space within a new community of believers where they can receive the appropriate spiritual formation to be able to go into the world and become witnesses of the cross as well.

As we spread the gospel throughout the world, we strive to be sensitive to all the experiences and differences that people bring, and not just differences of race, ethnicity and culture. Through the 46 churches throughout the world which make up CefaN Ministries, we seek to disciple our new Christians, mentoring our existing Christian leadership, stressing a relational and service-oriented community, improving and deepening our evangelistic commitment and activities, constantly engaging in cross-cultural mission and thus using the gospel as a power to transform society for the best.

We see ourselves as the ambassadors of the God of justice, who calls us to challenge unjust societal structures and create authentic communities focusing on God’s love and justice.
We believe in teaching, training equipping and immersing new Christians and servants of God into a new community focusing on a personal walk with the Lord, through Bible study, baptism, prayer, intercession and preaching. In doing so, we prepare them to become a cup of honor in the hands of the Master.

We believe in demonstrating God’s character through compassion, gracious giving, and tenderness as we deal with situations that our neighbors are also faced with.

We believe in restoring the dignity, faith, hope of our communities while empowering the poor to take on leadership positions and reclaim their gentrified, marginalized and disenfranchised communities, through the love of Christ and the authority of heaven. It is critical for us to remember that the church is not just a place for comfort, but it should also be a place to rally and mobilize the world

We believe in multiethnic, multilingual, unified church focusing on worship, evangelism, discipleship, spiritual formation, and assimilation into the church, as opposed to the highly common compartmentalization of the churches.

Our international ministry provides support to churches throughout Africa including Tanzania, Burundi, Zambia and DR Congo. Every year, the Center of Evangelism for All Nations facilitates open evangelical with the emphasis on spreading the gospel in the remote and hard to reach places of Africa, where people are in need of salvation and deliverance.

During our 2006 evangelical conference in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, more than 2,000 souls came to Christ, and many people received deliverance from different kinds of illnesses including cancer and AIDS. We are still receiving testimonies of healing and deliverance from different ministers in Tanzania!

The ministry also supports two orphanages in Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo for about 200 children who have lost their parents as a result of HIV/AIDS, poverty and war in Africa.

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