From the Bishop’s Desk

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We are living in decisive times. It is a time in which we must come to know our Lord, his ways and what he is manifesting through the body of Christ.

CefaN Ministries was uniquely called to instruct those who want to know the Lord Jesus Christ and to follow Him in His intentions (his willing). There is a similar hope at CefaN to that which was started by the spiritual pioneers throughout the ages when they came to experience Jesus Christ in their own lives.

The Holy Spirit is moving marvelously, lives are being transformed and the hidden manna is being revealed during the last hours preceding the coming of our Lord Jesus-Christ. This is why I am happy to welcome you at CefaN, to serve and worship with us, our Lord and Savior Jesus-Christ.

I invite you to draw nearer to God and He will draw nearer to you, cast all your burdens upon him, for He will take care of you. He who is able to do all for you is Jesus Christ. Now praise, worship and sing with joy, listen to the Word of God. Receive: Salvation, Healing, and Miracles through Jesus-Christ our Lord and Savior.

Bishop Dr. Bill S. L. Mlongetcha Jackson, Senior Pastor

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