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whose adult film star summer brielle dating Founded by Bishop S. L.M. Jackson, the Center of Evangelism for All Nations (CeFaN Ministry) is an international ministry focused on winning souls for Christ. Throughout his ministry career, Bishop SLM Jackson had instituted churches in the United States and many countries in Africa and Europe.

With a mission to win, train, send, and win, the Center of Evangelism for all Nations holds services at 24 Snyder Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. The ministry focuses on training and equipping God’s people for the service of soul harvesting, as commanded by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Understanding the vital part played by the church in the community, the Center of Evangelism for All Nations strives to meet both the religious and social needs of the neighborhood Brooklyn communities in which it operates.

CefaN’s international ministry consists of more than 46 churches throughout Africa including Tanzania, Burundi, Zambia and Congo. Every year, the Center of Evangelism for All Nations facilitates open evangelical trainings and conferences around the world with the emphasis on spreading the Gospel in the remote and hard to reach places, where people are in need of salvation and deliverance.

Here in New York, US, where the headquarters are located, the Center of Evangelism for All Nations believes that one cannot preach the gospel without first understanding the community needs in which members or potential members come from, which is why the ministry has instituted programs and small projects to support the communities in which CefaN churches are located.

At the Center of Evangelism for All Nations, we are a family ministry focusing on meeting both the individual and social needs of God’s people, by ensuring that the gospel is preached throughout the world and God’s servants are equipped for all good work, while awaiting the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.