Our international ministry provides support to churches throughout Africa including Tanzania, Burundi, Zambia and DR Congo. Every year, the Center of Evangelism for All Nations facilitates open evangelical with the emphasis on spreading the gospel in the remote and hard to reach places of Africa, where people are in need of salvation and deliverance.

additional reading We believe in restoring the dignity, faith, hope of our communities while empowering the poor to take on leadership positions and reclaim their gentrified, marginalized and disenfranchised communities, through the love of Christ and the authority of heaven. It is critical for us to remember that the church is not just a place for comfort, but it should also be a place to rally and mobilize the world

We believe in multi ethnic, multilingual, unified church focusing on worship, evangelism, discipleship, spiritual formation, and assimilation into the church, as opposed to the highly common compartmentalization of the churches.

During our 2006 evangelical conference in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, more than 2,000 souls came to Christ, and many people received deliverance from different kinds of illnesses including cancer and AIDS. We are still receiving testimonies of healing and deliverance from different ministers in Tanzania!

The ministry also supports two orphanages in Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo for about 200 children who have lost their parents as a result of HIV/AIDS, poverty and war in Africa.